ESG Consultant Overview

ESG and sustainable investing is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in the asset management area. This explosive demand in the past year has led to a supply and demand imbalance of ESG talent as firms fight for candidates from the same, limited pool of candidates, especially ESG consultants who work on an interim or contract basis.

Publicly held companies have traditionally been where ESG criteria have been used most, but we are now seeing an expansion of use across all business sectors. The hedge fund, smaller VCs and investors have also been involved as they are held acceptable by investors and consumers who require more ESG responsibility from companies they invest with. ESG Consultants provide the expertise and insights required by these firms.

What once was a fringe role in many businesses, ESG is now integrated investment consideration and is an important component of marketing and ad campaigns.

The adoption rate by companies has created more jobs than people to fill them. This has driven up salaries and made ESG staffing of teams and individuals more difficult, particularly ESG consultants who will help with ESG sustainability efforts.