Recruiting Environmental Professionals: Considerations

Environmental professionals should possess a broad knowledge of current and relevant legislation. In addition, they require the skill set and experience to manage the tedious compliance issues and processes while identifying and ensuring that environmental risks are properly managed. Ideally, they can demonstrate proactive approaches to managing risks, implementing protocols to ensure accidents do not occur. Additionally, there is an increased requirement for the rigorous reporting of these to the Government, Boards, C-suite Executives and stakeholders.

Environmental recruiting can be a daunting task as a viable candidate needs to possess a wide range of skills. They must be able to keep up and be knowledgeable of current and ever-changing legislation.

Environmental professionals need to be agile and knowledgeable in their respective sectors.

Here are some environmental job titles:

  • Manager Environment
  • Director of Environment
  • Group Environment Management
  • Superintendent of Environment
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Chief Officer Environment

Responsible for:

  • Contamination of water and land
  • Approvals and remediation
  • Planning
  • Waste disposal and management